Focus is hindered or misdirected due to multiple factors:


Obsessing About the Past
Worrying About the Future
Difficult Human Interactions (work or home)

Negative Stress & It's Physical Manifestations
Frenetic Lifestyle
Work-Life Imbalance

Physical & Mental Depletion

Managing Emotions & Relationships

Attention Overload

No Wonder...

Unrealistic "To Do" Lists
Competing Priorities
Multi-Tasking (it's a myth - ask me why)
Attention Deficit Disorder?


Board Certified Coach  -  Licensed Psychologist

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Personal & Executive Coaching

M​​​ary Gail Becker, PhD, BCC

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meetings. Parent teacher conferences. Email.Twitter. Facebook. dinner PLANS.

Family Time. Work out. Schedule the dentist.

To Do lists.

And everything else you can't fit in.

You can't eliminate them. BUT you can learn to manage them. 

          As a psychologist and coach, I can show you how.

                     By teaching you smart tools to calm your mind. Calm your body

And get your focus back.

I'll show you how to enhance your mental focus to increase productivity and reduce stress.

          Develop smart decision-making strategies that lead to success at work and home.

                    And explore creative ways to ease difficult relationships in both places.

My coaching is based on scientific research and advanced training.  

          Backed up by 35 years of experience as both a psychologist and a coach.  

                   Coaching based on identifying your strengths and values.

Together, we'll discover what distracts you from your goals and feelings of well-being.

          So you can focus on work, family, and how to balance both.