M​​​ary Gail Becker, PhD, BCC


Board Certified Coach  -  Licensed Psychologist

Serving as a ‘thought partner.’ It can be lonely at the top and you may need a confidential sounding board

           or another perspective
Improving your ability to communicate clearly to other levels of management  

Exploring and focusing your social and emotional intelligence, leading to better job performance and more

           rapid career development

Balancing your career and personal lives for increased satisfaction


 An ongoing professional relationship helping people produce

        extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organization.  

I help clients discover their goals for improvement, define specific strategies for reaching these goals and support them in achieving success.  

As your coach, I'm objective, someone with your best interests at heart but with the training to explore the bigger picture and catch the details you might miss. I encourage you to expand your horizons in thinking and behavior to be the best you possible.

I'll help you raise your self-awareness and your awareness of other people's points of view, focusing your emotional intelligence so you'll see the bigger picture, too. You'll relate more effectively with co-workers, friends and family, find meaningful pathways in life and discover joy and fulfillment.

Most importantly, we work together in a safe environment.

As a psychologist, I'm held to a high standard of confidentiality, and that commitment to keeping your private thoughts private carries over into my coaching, so you'll know that what's said between us, stays between us.


         I listen carefully. . .

                        to your goals and aspirations

          I explore with you. . .

                        your values, creativity and cognitive styles

         I listen empathically. . .

                        to uncover blocks, lack of focus, and relationship issues that get in the way         

         We plan together with excitement. . .

                        set realistic goals​

                        strategize how to break through barriers

                        establish accountability markers that keep you on track

                        (assessment tools may be used)

        And together . . . we CELEBRATE your SUCCESS !!!!!